Megan Tuesday? A workout.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So, I was going to photograph some food last night, after class, but it was accidentally eaten, thus I could not photograph it and post it here.
Forever being a Girl Scout, I was prepared with a work out post, for Megan, despite it no longer being Monday.

I think I've actually mentioned this work out to Megan before, but I've really gotten into it, as of late.

When it's too cold or hot to run outside, or I just can't find the motivation to get some miles in before or after work, I find that this 25 minute stairs work out REALLY gets my heart pumping and body sweating. It's such a nice change of pace. It truly is something awesome when you can go on a run and feel like you're not really working your body, but it always comes with a feeling of guilt- why am I not pushing myself?

I promise this 25 minute cardio buster and strength trainer will give you that feeling. Lately, I've been doing it 2-3 days a week.

The only modification I make to the work out: at the end, I put on any song on my comp/ipod that will really get my adrenaline going, and a jog up and down the stairs (as a cool down) until the song is over.
Another way to make this work out more challenging- during the 2 minute cardio portions, carry your hand weights for some extra resistance.


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