*itchtastic Brownies

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yesterday was infuriating. Do you ever have those days you think, "I'm pretty sure the cosmos decided that everything I need to go right today, will go positively wrong"?
I'm being dramatic, but yesterday was registration day for school and my internet was down and the system wouldn't let me register.
I tried to be a grown-up which meant three things.
1. I didn't cry, scream or punch a wall
2. I went for a run (God bless the ability to run faster when you're frustrated)
3. I made brownies

Vegan brownies, to be exact. I copied these from my Skinny Bitch cookbook, which if you don't own it, get it. I will tell you now that it's 100% vegan, but don't run away. The recipes are manageable, indulgent and they will make you feel good abou tlowering your meat, fat and "bad food" intake- even if it's just for these brownies!
I will not post the recipe here, but I will say I modified them by omitting the molasses, adding semi sweet chocolate chips and topping the fidgey goodness with powdered sugar.
On a final brownie note, when I went to add the sugar, I was nearly out. I only had about 1/3 of what I needed. It seriously was one of those days. I was in no mood to go to the grocery store just for sugar, so I used some brown rice syrup, the chocolate chips and the powdered sugar to sweeten them up a bit. You could also omit some of the sugar by melting a sweetened chocolate bar, instead of the unsweetened one the recipe calls for.


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