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Friday, June 3, 2011

My poor sad blog, how I’ve neglected you so!
This week I started and finished To Kill a Mockingbird (my every summer read) and am well on my way to finishing The Help. I’m enjoying every word, which the voice in my head reads with a Southern accent (read it and you’ll understand why). Even though I always love reading, sometimes I book grabs me so tight that I have no motivation to do anything but settle on into its 522 pages and never put it down. That’s exactly what happened this week. No blogging, no reading blogs (I may need some psychological examination to explain that one), sporadically checking my emails, few conversations on chat, and ignoring facebook pretty much all together.
Only in the 21st century can one get the feeling of guilt when ignoring the hustle and bustle of the cyberworld. Nevertheless, I felt a bit of that emotion when I realized how absent I’ve been from the internet, but I’m overwhelmed by a sense of freedom at the same time.
Anyway, I’m back. I’ve got a couple of posts coming up- expect some ice cream, breakfast, salad dressing and bbq pizza, over the next few days, for now, I leave you with some food I had no hand in preparing, but plenty of in eating.
Last weekend, the boyf and I planned a hike in Folsom. I spend 40 hours a week in that town during the week, so it was fun to head out there NOT at 6:30 am and NOT to head to work. I love Folsom. When I make more than 3 pennies a day and my student loans don’t add up to the ransom for 12 people, I would consider living there.
The hike was gorgeous- a perfect 70 degree type day; no foreshadowing of the tornado weather we had this Wednesday!
We ran into lots of bicyclists, some runners, birds, too much trash, lots of overgrown foliage and a few menacing bees. Along the way, I was filled with the pure joy that comes from doing something good for yourself AND loving it at the same time. Going to the gym, yoga class, or even for a run, is not the same as simply walking through the terrain put here by God, the cosmos, evolution, or what have you. Not to mention, I loved the feeling of feeling no pain in my knee- walking on “regular earth” is so much better than the asphalt, concrete and cement I usually make my poor body suffer through.

Okay, I’m done being all emo and existentialist.
After the hike, we walked over to a little Mexican restaurant, Qbole. It’s a little fancier a Mexican place than we usually go too, which means absolutely nothing, considering we went to dinner at a place last night that cost us a whopping $6.50 total. I went to this place once before, when Megan came for a visit, and remembered really enjoying a cheeseless quesadilla (feel free to shoot me). Some big time soccer game was on the big screen this time around and it was fun to join in with the excitement. I continue to amaze myself with how easily I can get roped into things I care absolutely nothing about.
After one of the best baskets of chips and salsa I’ve ever had, burritos the size of Texas, were put in front of us.

Mine veggie, the bf’s chicken.

Now, here is the thing with a veggie burrito- some places serve the most pathetic ones I’ve ever seen. Throwing some shredded lettuce and pico de gallo in a tortilla does not a veggie burrito make, my foodie friends. Eating a no refried bean (because of the lard) and no rice (because of chicken stock) burrito, with only lettuce and tomato, was one of my biggest “hates” when I was vegan (My own fault, I’m aware). Although I’m not one anymore, I often get a veggie burrito and I was pleasantly surprised when this bad boy greeted me at the table. Along with sour cream and guacamole, it was filled with black beans, cilantro rice, carrots, zucchini, onions, mushrooms and peppers. Score.
The thing was covered in enchilada sauce, which I didn’t love, but it wasn’t bad either.
I ate the whole thing.
Only kidding.
I barely ate half, took the rest home, munched on it another day, and found it even better as left overs.

I would definitely go again, especially if the chips and salsa always taste that magical.
Yes, when chips and salsa are your weakness, you’re allowed to call them magical.


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