Growing up

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I will never be a real grown-up. I live with my parents, I will be in school until I die, I still get overly excited about things like birthdays; I ride a bike about as well as a 10 yr old, and my tastebuds just aren't that fancy. I've moved beyond cut up hot dogs and mac and cheese (I don't think I ever liked that culinary masterpiece) but I will never be fancy enough to like goat cheese, brandy or foie gras.
But, I guess I am growing up a little...
Last week Erin and I went to a tapas place in Roseville, called Source. I know! Can you believe there is a tapas place in Roseville?! I was beyond excited- that little girl, it's time to open Christmas stockings, excited- see? not a grown-up.
I felt very fancy as I drank my wine, ate prosciutto wrapped figs and especially when I paid a pretty penny for the deliciously tiny morsels we ate while talking about not that grown-up stuff.
If you would like to see what else we ate, head over to Erin's blog for another fancy taste. Here is just some of what we had.

Wine with olives

Crab tater tots- I almost died. Crab in a tater tot? God bless these people.

Fish sliders with sweet potato fries and olive aioli. I love that aioli makes anything sound more adult-ish. And sweet potato fries, if these make me an adult, I am set.

While tapas was a spendy evening. sometimes there is nothing better than casual conversation, good food, and a beautiful view. Dining with girlfriends is so different than dining with family, co-workers or a significant other If you haven't done it in awhile, call up a bff and make a date. You'll feel fancy fun and fulfilled- even if you just go to taco bell.


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