I scream, You scream...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

you should scream, because June weather has finally arrived. No life long Cali girl anticipates or handles June rain without some sort of dramatic moments.
The first summer I stayed in Portland, my Pac Northwest friends constantly warned me, "June is weird here. It's not like Cali. Don't expect sun." I only half listened to what they said, assuming their rainy blood easily misunderstand the definition of summer.
June gloom got it's name in Portland. While July brings about lots of sunshine and even air conditioned worthy days, June does not, so for the past couple weeks, I've felt that I am living in Portland, sans the great coffee shops, 21st century hippies, NW 23rd street and Sauvie Island.
Alas, I am living in California again, which is reason to celebrate...
how about with some S'mores ice cream?
This is straight out of my new-ish Cuisine Art ice cream maker, so I won't post the recipe, but it was truly fab. I'm discovering just how worthy homemade ice cream is. I do not yet feel comfortable enough to experiment with my own recipes, but I will definitely beg, borrow and steal from others.

Any favorite ice creams? Requests for ones I should make and post here? Scream 'em out.


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