The Salad Series

Monday, May 24, 2010

FYI- I eat a salad for lunch almost every day. Boring? No way.
Sometimes I get tired of it, but salads are versatile. But, a word of caution: salads are like frozen yogurt (another love of mine). You CAN go overboard on the toppings and wind up with a giant mess that leaves you too full and saying, ""omg, what was i thinking with this concoction?!"
In any case, this week I'll be doing a salad series- showing you the salads I eat every day for lunch. Where's Monday you ask?
Being that school is OUT and I don't work on Mondays, my lunch was enjoyed (and scarfed down) between pilates class, grocery shopping and a hair cut- no time to photograph it. Therefore, the series will start tomorrow, but I thought I'd give you the (lettuce?) heads up tonight.


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