Run: May 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I didn't realize how long I'd been absent from writing. I apologize to the three people who read this. This is the last week of school so races have been none and recipes have been leftovers, bbq pizza and salad- real original.
Later today I will post some Mother's Day recipes that I am quite fond of, but for now...the May race.

I'm happy to say that this month's race supported the fight for breast cancer. I ran this with my 20-30 twin Erin, and her mom. We were saying that it seems so natural for everyone to know at least one person who battled breast cancer. I am sad to say I know two currently fighting. But, I am happy to say, they are both winning and proving that anything can be overcome with a band of supporters, optimism and a kick ass will power. So to these two women, I thought of you during this race and I thank you for that.

The goal for this 5K was to run it in 30 minutes. If you run a 7 minute mile, that is no big deal for you, and i hate you. Ok, maybe I'm jealous.
I didn't get a time chip for this race because it cost $10 extra- my bank account said "we support breast cancer awareness, but no thanks." I looked at my watch when we started and it was 8 o'clock. Since there were 30,000 people it started slow. Fighting through walkers and joggers proved to be a challenge, but about 2 minutes in we found some room and a steady stride. The weather warmed up quickly and I was thankful I wore my bright pink shorts, rather than pants. There was no mile 1 marker, so I was guessing what pace I was going (this is why I need that heart rate monitor) but by the beats of my breath, I could tell we were going fast. The mile 2 marker came faster than I expected and the three of us talked pretty steadily, which made it more fun. Then "YMCA" played and the volunteers cheered and screamed for everyone- both of which livened up the race and made it fun. Then, at about 2.5 miles I felt terrible. I had a pain in my side, thirst was killing me and I just wanted to see the finish line. This was the first time I'd run with Erin and I didn't voice any of my "omg God I want to die" thoughts because I am competitive and timid when it comes to honesty and I just wanted to keep up with my friend and do what I set out to. With these thoughts going on in my head, the finish line came slowly, but I kept saying "just to that pink balloon" "check your watch at the pole" "you can make it to that volunteer section", etc. and I found that last bit of energy to push it to the finish. I was relieved when it was over, but felt how hard I'd worked. It paid off because we finished in 30 minutes. The race was at Cal Expo and there was lots of room for people to sit and drink water, eat the yummy yogurt and fruit they provided and they even had booths inside. (Notice the pics we took on the cool giant chair)
June's race isn't until the 19th. That's another 5k. I haven't decided on my goal yet, but maybe 30 minutes without wanting to kill myself is a good one.

Yes, I know my face is the same color as my outfit...and the chair...I try to support the Breast Cancer color any way possible, what can I say?


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