Fondant cake decorating

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mom and I decided we're going to get ambitious for Cassie's high school graduation cake. I cannot tell you how we're decorating it, but I can tell you we're using fondant for the first time. Since fondant seems to be the holy grail of cake toppers, we were nervous to use it. Sure, Buddy can do anything with fondant, but what about us?
Yesterday we decided to do a trial run- a little "let's figure out what we're doing so we don't look like idiots for the real deal."
While you can make your own fondant (I'm sorry I have a life) so mom found a cake store with pre-made fondant.
We were both surprised at how easy it is to work with.

I kneaded it into a pliable consistency- think the days of playdough here, people.

Then I rolled it to a thin layer with a special fondant rolling pin. Make sure to toss some cornstarch (I use tapioca starch) on your work surface. The fondant feels so smooth.
Then you roll the fondant into the rolling pin, like a scroll and lay it gently over your cake- mom did this part because, well, I would probably have messed it up.
Next you carefully smooth down the top, then the sides, taking extra care when you get to the corners.
The key is to freeze the cake earlier in the day and cut really sharp edges so the fondant hugs them and gives you those sharp creases.
Finally, using a pizza cutter (no need for a special fondant cutter- do they even make one?) cut off the excess fondant and try to use it for decoration, as not to waste the crazy gum like substance.

White is boring, but there was no need for us to dye the fondant for a simple trial cake. But, we can do nothing simply, so we made some cherries for the top and mom steamed it with an iron to give it that glossy look.

I'm sure after a few more cakes we will be thinking this first one look sad, but as of now, I am super impressed with our guinea pig fondant cake.

*These photos are courtesy of my mom and her fabulous, professional, photography skills.


Anonymous said...

I love our "practice" cake, and can't wait to make the "real" one on Friday!

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