Run: September 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I did not do a run in July (gasp!) Life got busy and I have no other excuse. I forgot to take pictures of my race in August, but I swear I did one.
Then came September and I actually did a race AND took a picture to prove it. Well, technically this is just a pic of Erin and me before our race, but we really did run.

The race benefited the Me: One foundation, which provides camps for families afflicted by cancer. The best part is that the race was 2 blocks from Erin's house- that never happens!

It was a 5k, with a really profound and motivational speech before the race. As we ran in the hot Sunday morning weather, with more hills than I expected, I tried to think of how lucky I am to have a body that lets me run, day after day anytime I want. And what's more, one that lets me take a break and eat bad food, drink wine, go to bed late, wake up early, sit in comfy chairs with bad posture and watch tv like it's good for thankful for what your body does for you.

Me: 1
Cancer: 1 (that's the little slogan)


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