Run: March 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I should be in bed, but this Lemon Meringue Tart is taking forever- I so did not prepare for it. Nevertheless, A dessert for Easter calls and Lemon tarts must be made.
I've exhausted facebook and run out of people to cyberstalk, so I decide that despite the hour, I need to get down to what I said I would do three days again- blog about my March race.

Reminder- I am running a race a month this year. (The idea inspired by a bad ass friend who is running a half marathon a month! I know, tell me about it.) Anyway, March's race was a 10k in Seattle's Seward Park, which I mispronounce constantly, but I'm back in Cali now, so who's to correct me?
The week before my runs were sloppy, decent, at best, so I was more than nervous about how I would do in this race. Nevertheless, I knew having a friend there to support me and being in a new city would boost my adrenaline- I had no idea how much.
Seward Park is gorgeous- cold, but gorgeous. Surrounding a lake, the park holds breathtaking views of trees, boats and the Seattle skyline. I began the race freezing, with Nicole M. supporting me and a great song on my ipod. I was off. I felt strong right away, but eased into the run. The course would take me around the lake twice and back a third time, about a 1/4 of mile, before I would turn around and cross the start/finish line. There were only about 300 people in the race and I loved the intimate feel.
As I jogged, I reminded myself to take in the view; I was lucky to be in Seattle and lucky to have a body that would let me run (our bodies aren't designed for this, I am reminded.)
Towards the end of "lap 1" I passed a woman who stayed close to me the whole way. As I approached "lap 2", I felt light and fast, so I picked up the speed. I stayed steady, careful that I wasn't running out of breath. I didn't feel a need for water, as I sometimes do, but the intermittent rain must have helped. My only concern was a tightening in my calf muscle, but I tried to ignore it. I know I am having a good run when my thoughts wonder from this to that without any worry for the time and space I am in- that's exactly what happened. My mind was carrying on, unaware that "lap 2" was almost over- I knew I only had a mile or so to go. At this point, runners who were small dots on the course for the first few miles started coming closer into view and I felt myself upon them. I pushed it and passed two runners. Then, I was on a third who could feel me near her. SHE started running faster, but my type A, virgo personality kicked in and I ran faster. Soon, I passed her. At this point I knew I only had about 1/2 mile to go. Some runners had reached the turn about and ran toward the finish line- I said, "good morning", "good job", and "you're almost there" as they passed. I felt more encouraged by doing this and ran faster still. Soon, I was at the turn about and I pushed- as hard as I could. I knew I would hurt and knew I would be gasping for breath- I didn't care. A couple minutes later, I crossed the finish line: 1 hr and 1 minute. That's 9 minutes faster than my 10k in November. I could not have been happier with the result.

Nicole took pics and congratulated me as I finished. I celebrated the race with the most delicious french toast I've ever had. Only complaint about the race- they didn't have t-shirts. what the heck?!

Half marathon, here I come...


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