A Taste of Portland

Monday, April 12, 2010

I could write a book on all the reasons you (yes, you) should visit Portland. But, this is not a book, so I will give you one: THE FOOD.
I am sorry to say I did not photograph all the food I ate on my trip to P-town, but I will highlight a couple and tell you about the rest.
I went to two places I had never been to. I loved them both.
Dinner at Milo's was fun and delicious. On NE Broadway, it has that chill/chic Portland vibe and great food. I had the roasted portabello mushrooms layered with caramelized onions & roma tomatoes, served with fresh vegetables, Santa Fe chili beurre blanc and roasted red potatoes. (I thought it wise to start my weekend with veggies.)
Saturday morning I had a "so glad I'm not vegan just for this breakfast" breakfast at Cup and Saucer. The pesto sun-dried tomato omelet had the most creamy, delicious pesto I've ever eaten. But, that could not top the basket of scones and homemade jam we shared. I should have pilfered the left over.
Although I enjoyed a quick salad at the vegan deli (I loved this place before I was vegan) near my old house in SE, the memory of cajun tots at Ram's Head, and the charm of Rose's on Sunday night, nothing could top these two...

Dessert at Papa Haydn's was a staple during my college years. It was a way for us to get off campus and feel like real grown ups who didn't have more than $10 to their names, 5 papers due and a stomach ache from whatever fish look alike The Commons served that night. The Marjolaine (one of my favs) is chocolate mousse and hazelnut-praline cream piped between layers of toasted hazelnut meringue. Topped with crÃme fraiche and French vanilla-chocolate. If you ever go to Portland- this is a must stop.

After the race Sunday, we went to Stepping Stone- a funky local breakfast stop with crazy decor and sassy sayings posted on the walls and the motto: You eat here because we let you- my kinda place. Despite the overwhelmingly good menu, I stuck with an old standby- banana nut bread french toast Oh yeah.

If you ever want restaurant recommendations for Portland, I promise almost no place is disappointing, but I would be happy to lend the advice of my palette.


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