Ode to the Green Olive

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A couple weeks ago I posted that antipasto tray I threw together. I may or may not have mentioed that I used to dislike the little green oilve. Do not fret, friends. I love him now. So much so that I need to decide how to marinate and stuff himself so I am not wasting my money on the Whole Foods olive bar when I could be spending it on books, races, and my trip to Europe next summer.
The green olive and I are in the honeymoon stage, so I have written a little poem about him.

Eh hem...

Ode to the Green Olive

In my younger years,
your taste made me curl my face in disgust
In martinis they would give me fears-
your salty skin and bittnerness I did not trust

So sorry, little green one
I have matured, and so have my tastebuds.
To your black bff I still say "yuck!"
But with you I am simply awestruck


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