Pita bread

Monday, September 12, 2011

I've made pita bread before and for some reason I forget how truly spectacular homemade pita is AND how truly unspectacular store bought pita is.
Seriously, have you bought any lately?
It's atrocious.
It's like cardboard with a slit in the middle for paper shreds and loose staples, er I mean for veggies and chicken.
Homemade pita bread can't even compare to the store bought stuff. It takes a while- mostly inactive time, which means you can run errands, watch Legally Blonde and take a nap while it does its thing. And what a thing it is.
It's truly fabulous straight from the oven and with the garlic salt and oil I brush on the top. Oh yeah.

Find the recipe here and get my oil topping nirvana thing below.
Oh and one more thing, treat yeast like you would your 97 year old grandmother. It can be temperamental if you don't do exactly what it tells you. Buy a thermometer so you can monitor the temp of the liquid you use with it. Like the cane your grandma uses for walking, it makes all the difference.

Garlic salt and oil
with a mortar and pestle, mash one clove of garlic with 1 tsp salt. Add to a small bowl and whisk in about one T of olive oil. Add some dried rosemary. Brush mixture onto warm pita.


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