Portland Food Recap

Monday, April 18, 2011

I don't have a Megan recipe today, sorry. But I do have a little photographic look at my trip to Portland, a few weeks ago- I can't believe it's come and gone!
In any case, MEGAN- pick your fav, most mouth watering item on here, mention it in a comment and I will modify it for a near future Megan Monday post.

Counterclockwise from front: Veggie Scramble, Eggs Benedict, Grazing Goat Scramble (feta cheese, mushrooms, and some other yummy, Greek type stuff), Stepping Stone

Nutella and Strawberry crepe, Vivace. Maddie's crepe was the same, but with bananas. Jena's had powdered sugar. I think that was it.

Counterclockwise from front: Smores tart, Strawberry Champagne cake with cream cheese frosting, Lemon chiffon cake, Papa Haydn's

Banana Nut Bread french toast and regular french toast, Stepping Stone (yes, we went twice)

I swear we actually ate more than bfast and dessert, but none of that food could be photographed before we scarfed it down!

Pick your poison, Megan!


Megan said...

Okay...even though I am a week delayed picking my item, it was only because I was overwhelmed by this awesome, delicious food. Hmm! Hard to only pick one. I have finally decided to ask about the eggs benedict...I feel that if I learned how to make this, I could potentially become a person who really cooks later on the in the future because eggs benedict sounds so fancy and important...not like plain ol' scrambled eggs (I can make those actually!). I know this is a healthy Megan Monday type dealio, but you can make these rich and fattening if you want! YUM!

AB said...

I will do my best to make them fattening, but not tooooo fattening. :)

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