Goodbye, sunshine. Hello, rain.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I must say that the recent shift in weather was welcomed with open arms. The people who complain that it's 80 degrees already need to remember what we dealt with just a week ago- winds so bad that I irrationally thought we could turn into a Japan 2.0 (I'm unrealistic, I know.)
The weather is short lived, but only for me. I'm about to head out to the only place in the whole wide world that could get me to leave this gorgeous sunburn inducing weather for 3 days of rain, clouds and wind...
Oh, you didn't know I was a fan of Portland? I mean, I never talk about it.

The bffs from college and I are headed for a little girls weekend (and I don't think it could have come at a better time- we are all in need of a vacay.) It's hard to describe just how much I love the city, and those girls. If you've ever had the pleasure and burden of feeling like you have two home cities, you will understand. I will always think of Portland as one of my homes.
I love the weather, the people, the food, the trees. I love that I went to college there. I love that I spent a year there as a "real" grown up- discovering restaurants, running routes, and what it feels like to be broke. I love that every time someone mentions Ptown, I burst into 5 yr old giddyness, eager to discuss the NW district, crazy bicyclists and my favorite grocery store in the entire world...I promise it's not that weird to have a favorite grocery store.
I love the earth friendly people, the COFFEE, the dessert (!), the chic and casual vibe of everyone, and the city's respect for nature, individuality and kck ass indie music.
More than anything, I love that Portland is the place I was blessed with some of the most genuine people I will ever know. That list of people is quite long, but the two silliest ones are joining me for an adventure in just a few hours.

The weekend will be filled with this


and this

quite a lot of this
Okay, so there is no picture here. Reason: I wanted to put this awesome pic of the three of us hugging goodbye when the fools graduated, BUT I don't have it AND I can't go on facebook, therefore, you'll have to pretend. And now you can continue laughing about the idea of me searching for a stupid picture and trying to search for a way to get on facebook.

and a non stop stream of this..

This being laughing, acting like idiots, and taking self portraits whenever and wherever.

Life can't get much better than that.

I return on Monday afternoon and will miss the typical Megan Monday post. Instead, I'll post a collage of the weekend: food, laughter and hopefully, a few shots I get on some solo runs.

Happy weekend.


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