Bday cake

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today is the boyf's birthday. Last night we had a little celebration at my parents house, which was complete with cake (of course).
When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he gave me a typical, don't go to any trouble, answer: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Seriously?! My creative energy cannot be tamed with only yellow cake and chocolate frosting.
So, I made yellow cake with a banana cream filling and chocolate ganache on top. Ah, much better.
This cake came together really well. I baked two round cakes on Sunday night, using this recipe. *It's the Cooks Illustrated one* Although, I accidentally modified it slightly when I mixed the egg whites and yolks together, rather than beating the whites separately- oops.
I wrapped the cakes in two layers of plastic wrap and froze them.
On Monday afternoon, with my electric mixer, I whipped up one pint of heavy whipping cream with about 1/4 package of instant white chocolate pudding (I whipped it A LOT- so it was thicker than whipped cream, but not as thick as butter.) I also added 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
Then, I took a bread knife and shaved off the tops of the frozen cakes, to get them nice and flat.
I put the cake on a hat box lid, wrapped in plastic wrap, and placed one cake round on the box. Then I added one layer of banana slices to the cake. On top of banana laden bottom layer, I smoothed the whipped cream mixture, and topped that with cake layer two- think sandwich making.
For the delish ganache, I heated 1 pint heavy whipping cream to almost boiling. I removed it from the stove and added 5 oz semisweet chocolate and 5 oz bittersweet chocolate bits- yum! I whisked until smooth and let it refrigerate for an hour before I spread it all over the cake. Then I piped some buttercream for decoration and voila! The cake was ready a day ahead of time. It hung out in the fridge until last night when we...

fired it up.

Blew it out.

Sliced it up.

And ate it.

Besides Cass' graduation cake that my mom and I did together, this was my first attempt at a multi layer, fully decorated cake- I will def be doing this again.


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