Fact or Fiction

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here's a new game for ya.
I give you two statements and you guess which is true and which is false.

1. I absolutely hate running on the treadmill.

2. Kale is the most unenjoyable leafy green in the bunch.

Well, did you figure it out?
Those of you I complained to the other day will easily get this one (and there were a lot of you).


I know, crazy, huh?
I LIKE running on the treadmill.
I don't get that bored. I get some sort of sick satisfaction out of it. Who am I? I have no clue why. Running outside is a lot cooler. It wasn't until my drive home today that I really thought about it. My only semi intelligent hypothesis is that when I started to fall in love with working out I did it all in a gym- nothing happened outside and running only happened in 2 minute incriments. I feel safe and comfortable at a gym, and since treadmills live in gyms, so do I.

But, kale, seriously, people?! Oh my gosh, I just don't get it. I think I need to branch out and try cooking it some new ways because I seriously do not think it's worth all the vitamins it packs. I'm trying to take life seriously now that it's January (boy, do I hate January), so my lunches have been intensly healthy. Today was a delish spicy lentil wrap, which is beside the point, but it was good and I needed to share. Yesterday's lunch was the world's worst tasting pear and a salad of kale, walnuts, celery and dried cranberries. If I'm gonna eat something that good for me, I'd at least like to enjoy the lettuce, or in yesterday's case the rubbery bitter green nonsense I stuck with a fork and munched on.
Ok, I'm done complaining.
Feel free to throw recipes for kale at me. Oh, and on that note, if you're having trouble leaving comments, I'm sorry. I'm working on it and hopefully you will be able to leave your lovely, important, smart cyber thoughts soon.


Anonymous said...

I love kale!

Saute some garlic in olive oil, add kale, pour in 1/4 c veggie broth, cover and let wilt. salt & pepper to taste. It is delish on its own, but is also excellent added into soup.

AB said...

I will def have to try that!

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