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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If you're joining me from my previous blog- glad you found me in cyberspace again. If not, I hope you'll soon become a faithful follower.
Like my last blog, I will mostly be posting recipes I make. Some healthy, some sweet, some mess ups. Some with meat, some without, some using vegan products, some using good ole' fatty and sweet ingredients you would find in Paula Deen's kitchen.
Unlike my last blog I'll also be posting additional goodies. Once a week I'll give myself a challenge and write about it here. Expect to see me challenge myself to eating only fruit every day for breakfast, spending a week eating no packaged foods and whatever other challenge I can cook up.
Finally, I'll also share another love of mine- running. When I'm running I'm thinking about cooking and when I'm cooking I'm thinking about running. This year I'm running a race a month, so expect pictures and stories from those adventures.

Happy reading (and cooking),


FYI- first recipe will be Perfect BBQ chicken


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